As someone with a website coding background…you cannot go past using WordPress as your design and content management platform.

WordPress is the most popular Website Development and Content Management Software (CMS)…used by millions of websites world-wide.  It has evolved and expanded from a basic blogging platform into one of the most versatile ways to develop websites and manage website content.

In a world where our audience is hungry for information and fresh content, this platform gives you flexibility to manage content quickly and EASILY!

There are so many reasons I choose WordPress to develop websites…here are my top 5:

  1. Powerful, flexible and simple to use (for me and for you).
  2. Google loves WordPress…which means you are in a good starting position with Search Engine Results.
  3. There are so many Plugins, that you can do pretty much anything on your website.
  4. There are so many amazing design templates to choose from.
  5. Its FREE!!

If you would like to chat some more about website development for your business…send me an email.

Or…if you would like to understand some more about WordPress, head over to the official WordPress.Org site here.

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