I think I might be crazy…but I have decided to return to school to complete a Post Graduate Degree in Marketing. That’s not the crazy part (well we could debate that), the vulnerable crazy part is that I am going to share my weekly study story with you here. Be kind.


She was old, like really old. Why was she here with us, with all us young people about to embark on our final year of study? Talk about bringing down the vibe a notch or two…now we have mumsy hanging around for the whole of year 12!

I never knew why ‘she’ (her name was Sue) returned to study, I never asked. I wish I had. I wish I knew what her pursuit was and where she was headed. I wonder if she ever got there.

My name is not Sue, but I am her. I am older (probably older than Sue when she returned to study) and I am returning to study. It’s been 32 years since Sue and I completed our VCE. 32 years!!! There has been a lot of water under the bridge in those years; a husband, 3 children (boys who are beyond effervescent), 3 businesses that are just as effervescent as my boys, travel, a separation and devastation, new  love, but no formal qualification. So, here I find myself, at the edge of the degree swimming pool, wondering if it’s cold in there, how deep the water might be, will I be able to swim, wondering whether Sue got to the end of her pool and whether the water was cold for her?

The starter’s gun has sounded, I am swimming…for now.

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Have you felt the fear of a new life venture and found the courage to dive in? Tell me your courage story in the comments below.

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