I confess, this was my first time. I had never partaken in any podcasting activity. I had not even had a conversation with peers about it. I was new to this. I was a podcast virgin.

My very limited understanding about Podcasts was that they were lecture type content or radio segments (such a rookie).

So, when I arrived at week 10’s lecture: The power of visual and auditory storytelling, I wasn’t expecting much. Afterall, we had just learned about the four principles of visual storytelling:  “authenticity, sensory, archetype and relevancy” (Newscred & Getty Images) and their importance, so it was hard to imagine how any podcast series or segment could wield popularity up against its visual counterparts.

How wrong I was!

I spent the next 40 minutes gripped by the investigative storytelling in The Teacher’s Pet by The Australian reporter Hedley Thomas. I wanted more, more, more. The visuals weren’t tangible, they were in my mind and it was powerful. I got to create my own visual story around the audio storytelling, not bound by an artist’s impression or creative director. I had the freedom to visualise and I loved it.

Source: The Teacher’s Pet. The Australian. Reproduced from The University of Melbourne

I have a podcast addiction.

Now this has set me off on a Podcast-loving spree. I tried in vain to find the rest of The Teacher’s Pet series, only to discover that it is not available until the trial is over (cannot wait for this). In the meantime, I have listened to Who The Hell Is Hamish and am part way through Serial, season one, and I have a growing list of series to enjoy.

You’re probably wondering how I find the time to plough through all these podcasts? Well, let me tell you I have never enjoyed housework and laundry (snore) as much as I do now. And that’s the beauty of podcasts; you can multi-task which is not possible reading a novel (which I have always enjoyed) or driving a car…it doesn’t command my time and attention.

“One reason podcasts are so popular is that the format is uniquely situation to fit into our busy lives.”  (Ryan. C. 2018)

So how does this relate to your business you might be asking? 

People want industry expert opinions, they want to multi-task, to use their audio sensors to engage with stories. Podcasting allows another entry point for audience participation, for them to delve deeper into your brand. Providing deeper levels of participation options allows you to build a community of fans who become powerful brand advocates and activists, and to progress along the participatory culture hierarchical order.

Are you a Podcast Junkie like me?

Tell me about your favourite Podcast series in the comments below and let’s make a super play list together.



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