To say there is a remarkable contrast from my first study unit (Storytelling and Digital Media) to my second unit is an understatement!! That’s not saying that I am not enjoying the learning, but…well….it’s a little less glamorous and a lot more economics and politics. I’m going FULL STEAM AHEAD!

There are so many factors to consider in any marketing strategy, including a Global Marketing Strategy; globalisation, localisation, global localisation, social and cultural environments, management orientations, trade agreements, consumer cultures, context cultures, cultural typography, diffusion theories…and I am only in week 3!!

I’ll be honest, it is challenging me. Learning, understanding and applying concepts such as Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions is not something I am familiar with. They say growth can be uncomfortable and I am definitely growing (not including the Covid calories *wink*).

We have 2 Case Analysis to present and argue – our first was on the Cotton, Clothing Consumption, Culture: From Small Beginnings to a Global Cultural System. We were required to submit a group report and present the Case Analysis in a Cotton, Clothing Consumption, Culture – Case Study Sept 2020 (2) Powerpoint Presentation. We haven’t received the results yet, but I will let you know how we got on.

I have just started working on my Market Entry Assessment where we need to propose a Market Entry Strategy introducing an existing business/company into a foreign country. Which company and country would you choose? Let me know if you have any great suggestions in the comments below. Wish me luck!


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