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How do you find the ‘right’ person for you?

It’s a big decision, I get it. And the market is full of digital media ‘experts’ and social media ‘gurus’ and SEO ‘technicians’ telling you (selling you) that they’re the one. Reality is, you’ll probably choose someone who has been referred to you by a close friend or colleague – yep, good old fashioned ‘word of mouth’. Don’t rest on your laurels though…be thorough, have the conversations, understand what you are getting for your investment, do the homework, and lastly, follow your instincts. You know when you’ve found the ‘right’ person, it just clicks.

Website Design

We create websites that combine functionality with a device responsive approach, fully optimised for great search engine results and designed to appeal to your target market…a formula that will deliver winning results for YOU!


Website SEO Auditing

Well, if it’s not too late for someone to redeem the credibility in this industry, you’ve found your gal! We can audit your website, provide you the findings, implement the recommendations and get your website WORKING with best practice, organic search engine tactics!


Brand Development

My trusted partner, Lauren Ormsby from Little Green Apple in Mt Eliza is a brand development guru. Your brand needs to make a memorable first impression on consumers and sets expectation of professionalism for your company.

Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide platforms to connect with your audience quickly and regularly. This allows you to engage and deliver current and relevant news and events to your audience, build your brand and generate interest in you!

Many businesses struggle to find time to develop relevant and interesting content for social media. We can help you to create an easy-to-implement communications plan, focused on delivering results that is streamlined across all your social media platforms.

EDM - Email Direct Marketing

In a landscape that is social media saturated, you might be forgiven for thinking EDM, or Email Direct Marketing is dead. It isn’t…EDM is alive and well, and if you’re not communicating with your customers directly, you’re missing out. EDM is one of the most valuable forms of communicating; after sales service, add-on products, referrals, etc. Mail Chimp is my preferred platform of choice because it is just so user-friendly.

Small businesses understand the value in return sales, after sales, add-on sales, referrals, etc. When you gain a new customer (that’s the hardest part), you need to KEEP them. Building a database and communicating with relevant and stimulating content will deliver return on your (minimal) investment.

WordPress Tutelage

One-on-one tutelage is available to empower you to manage your own WordPress website content and updates. I provide training in Google analytics, SEO tactics, formatting and adding content and imagery, etc specifically for WordPress sites or hand coded websites.

Our website design process

But first, coffee

Design Guide

Ideas & Concepts

Build & Optimise

Test across devices


For your part, we make the website design process as simple as possible, by gathering essential information from you…nobody knows your business the way you do! This will include getting a clear understanding of your existing business, your current online status, your key objectives and business goals – our Client Website Planning Guide.

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